Circle Flags

Benefits of Circle Flags...

  • These durable flags are rigid and designed to handle high winds with hardly a ripple
  • 1.2 metre Diameter flags are available to provide you with more usable advertising space
  • Circle Flags are available in single or double sided designs
  • Visibility - unlike flags, teardrop banners maintain the shape and consistently present your logo to potential customers
  • They're appropriate for indoor & outdoor use
  • Wind resistant design - their teardrop shape and intelligent design means they swivel and turn into the wind and don't get blown over
  • Portable - these banners fold smartly into a handy carry bags
  • Appearance - their smooth curves and full colour print make them visually appealing
  • They won't rust
  • One kit can accommodate many faces - you can put multiple banners onto the structure depending on your needs
  • A range of pegs and bases is available to suit your needs.

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